Do you want to receive 9-12% on well secured investments?

Investor opportunities include loans on real estate and take a first lien position. We arrange loans for all types of real estate. Our “Private Money Loans” are well secured as we only loan much less than what the property is worth. For example, a property may be worth $200,000, so we will arrange any amount on that property as long as the loan amount does not exceed 65% of the provable value. In this example property case, the loan would not exceed $130,000.

What is a provable value?

Provable Value is what the property would sell for in today’s market. The rate of return will be anywhere from 9-12% depending on the loan-to-value (LTV).

About Our Investor Opportunities

We loan on all types of property within the state of Oregon. The terms are typically from 1-5 years long and there are no costs involved for the lenders; the borrowers pay all costs. All loans are closed with an escrow company and the lender ALWAYS receives a title policy. All transactions are closed through a title company, therefore we do not ever touch any of your money. It is secured through the title company.

We have been doing loans for many years and are licensed in the State of Oregon. If you have any interest in receiving these secured rates of return on your investment, give us a call.

Call: 541-471-4987
Ask for: Patty LaMontagne

NMLS# 236012