All Real Estate Loans & Investments Company is a well-known mortgage house, and we are referred to as THE MORTGAGE BROKER’S BROKER. We fund loans where most other mortgage brokers simply pass the loan from one broker to another. In other words, the buck stops here in our office. Our goal is simple: We want to fund your loan and, at the same time, keep the loan process as simple and pleasant as possible for the client, period.

We want to make friends with our clients and create a good business relationship. We expect, after you have closed your first loan with our company, you’ll come back again and again, each time you need a real estate loan, on any type of real estate.

It is important to us to be completely up-front with you, at all times, on your loan request. Many mortgage brokers keep the borrower in the dark, wondering if and when the loan will ever close. Since most mortgage brokers don’t have the lender relationships in place, your loan simply gets passed from broker to broker to broker until it reaches our desk. We operate differently. If your loan request is not reasonable, we will make suggestions to you on how to restructure the loan request to make the funding possible. A “make sense” loan is easy to fund. Whereas a “nonsense” loan will float through the market and never get funded. Our job is to structure your loan request so it will make sense to the lenders.

The broker of our office, Patty LaMontagne, has a genuine love for this business. Patty co-founded All Real Estate Loans & Investments Co. with her late husband, Barney LaMontagne in 1998, and still finds the art of the deal exciting. She craves the challenge of tough deals and stays focused on the important aspects of the loan business. Understanding the investors’ and lenders’ criteria is the most important ingredient in funding your loan. With all the investors’ and lenders’ information at hand, Patty will restructure your loan, swiftly, accurately and professionally and prepare the loan for funding.

Patty continues to build on Barney’s legacy, philosophy and business model. She and the company’s professional team are focused on and committed to helping you process your loan. Each person in our office understands and fully respects the reason for you calling our firm. You want a loan, the loan is vitally important to you, and you want the loan as quickly as possible. You require the best rates and terms available and you do not want to hear any false promises, you want the truth and you want to be able to depend on what you are told. Business people today sometimes skirt the reality of the client’s situation, thinking this will maintain the client’s loyalty. Our staff is straight-forward and we are sure you will be impressed by the way we do business. Give us a call and let us help you structure your deal and prepare your loan for funding.

Call: 541-471-4987
Ask for: Patty LaMontagne

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