Here at All Real Estate Loans & Investments Company we loan “Private Money” on all types and kinds of real estate properties and projects, any type commercial and residential as well. Sometimes this type of a loan is called many different things such as “Hard Money” or “Private Investor Funds” or “Equity Loan” or “Investment Loan” or “Private Mortgage” or “Non-Conforming loan” or Non-Conventional Loan” or “Private Financing” or “Development Loan” or ”House Flipping Loan” or “Bridge Loan” or “Temporary Loan” or “Private Lending” or Down payment Loan”.

It is amazing all the names for the exact same thing, “a private money loan” is the easiest loan there is to receive because a borrower is not dealing with the wishy washy banks. We arrange the loan whether it is a purchase loan or a refinance loan, on bare land, mobile homes, manufactured homes, stick built homes, even construction and development of the entire subdivision. Any make sense type real estate transaction we can lend on it. Most of our loans are in Oregon, but we can loan money to borrowers in other states too.

In many cases we can even solve your financial or credit issues within the loan process, no problem. Give us a call and within minutes we can determine what the terms and conditions would be for your private money loan. Call today and ask for the broker

Patty LaMontagne


it will only take a few minutes, and thanks for calling.